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Our team blends strategy, insights, and expertise from the emerging tech and enterprise ecosystems into fast, actionable, KPI-driven results



Jon Nordmark

CEO & Co-Founder

brian sathianathan

Brian Sathianathan

Chief Digital Officer & Co-Founder

andrew wichern

Andrew Wichern

COO & Co-Founder

Innovation Platform & Artificial Intelligence

chatura samarasinghe

Chatura Samarasinghe

Applied Artificial Intelligence

shomron jacob

Shomron Jacob

Machine Learning & Platform Engineering

David Roster

David Roster

Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence

anthony chavez

Anthony Chavez

User Facing Technology

james lukensow

James Lukensow

Product Engineering

dave rowley

Dave Rowley

Product Experience

avery hadzi

Avery Hadzi

Platform Development

arul kumaran

Arul Kumaran

Interplay Platform

david ruvalcab

David Ruvalcaba

Interplay Platform

rom victuelles

Rom Victuelles

Interplay Platform

Innovation Success

joanne wichern

Joanne Wichern

Innovation Success, CoDE Program

andrea silva

Andrea Silva

Innovation Success, Marketing

anabel brown

Anabel Brown

Innovation Success, PilotPass Experience

val lopera

Valentina Lopera

Innovation Success, Events, Operations

Curation & Analysis

Julian Dean Morais

Julian Dean Morais

Curation & Analysis

john selvadurai

John Selvadurai

Curation & Analysis

solomon ray

Solomon Ray

Curation & Analysis


Drew Lyon

Drew Lyon

Finance & Operations

Drew Bonder

Drew Bonder

Human Resources & Talent


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