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Innovation is the key to a scalable, sustainable future for your business, Interplay helps you get your innovation projects executed faster.

Most innovation projects don’t see the light of day. They die early before being turned into a solution. The ones that make it through have to pass several challenges including dependencies on emerging software from startups, requiring connectivity to enterprise data sources and systems. Additionally, they need to pass security, scalability and other checkmarks from the IT organization. This is where Interplay steps in. See the video below for more details.

Interplay Essentials

What is Interplay ?

Interplay Advantage

The interplay platform offers capabilities to rapidly deploy your applications to scalable and secure cloud environments or run it on-premise



Interplay has been tested with industry standard security tools. We pass most stringent security checkmarks enforced by IT teams.



Interplay has been stress tested to withstand thousands of simultaneous connections and data load requirements. Our multithreaded kernel takes care of scale and load handling.


Inter Cloud

Interplay enables the developer to run on many clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud and others. Our cloud dashboard makes it simple to manage and run your applications across many clouds.

Here what our engineers have to say about Interplay

Powered by the following technologies


Platform Features


Startup Connections

Pre-wrapped startup APIs to build quick digital applications.

Enterprise Connections

Pre-wrapped connectors to Enterprise functions and APIs.

Fast Runtime

Deploy apps in our runtime middleware that is optimized for multi-threading. Our runtime executes applications faster than native Node.js or Node RED.

Messaging Applications

Deploy applications with fully functional messaging capabilities for chatbots, text messaging and Alexa.

Quick AI

Write AI applications much faster using prebuilt components for image recognition, text analysis and many more.

Data Access

Connect to popular databases such as MongoDB, Redshift, Oracle and others to retrieve data from internal and external sources.

Build any App

Build Mobile Apps, API endpoints, Web Apps, IoT Apps and many others.

Multi-Programing Language Support

Write functions in NodeJS and Python.

Low Code, Visual Workflow

Visualize the business workflow of your application via the editor.

Prototype to Production

Financial and Speed Benefits, Decrease prototyping costs by up to 10X, Increase prototyping speed by up to 10X, Prototyping can be passed to IT for easier production deployment.


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